Audition Tips

Top 5 Musical Theater Audition Tips


 Tip #1

Sing a song you love! 1

Tip #2

When picking an audition song for your musical theater audition, try to pick a song that's in the same genre and character as the show and part you are auditioning for. Generally you do not sing a song from the actual show you are auditioning for. Director's don't want to hear 20 kids sing the same song so be creative. But, if callbacks are held, you may be asked to sing songs from the show, so be prepared..(See list at right for some suggestions)

Tip #3

Trust the directors and the choices they make. Sometimes you will not cast for the part you auditioned for. Sometimes you end up in a part you didn't originally consider. However, upon learning more about that particular role, you may decide that part was a better fit for you anyways. You just have to trust their judgement. Remember, they've usually been doing this a lot longer than you so they are pretty good about knowing who would be the best fit for what part.

Tip #4

Don't waste a lot of money buying a book with a bunch of songs you'll never sing. You can purchase sheet music online these days and pay for only one song at a time.

Tip #5

If you are a beginner, at our theater -it's perfectly acceptable to sing the "Happy Birthday" song for your audition if you don't know any Broadway musical songs. However, if you have been auditioning for awhile, but not getting the leads you feel you deserve, you might want to consider getting some training from a reputable vocal coach.

Younger actors don't need to shell out a lot of money for professional vocal coaches as their voices will be changing and too much stress on vocal chords may do more harm than good. However, a good vocal coach will work within a child's limitations and not strain their vocal chords. They should also work with their students on audition prep to help them feel more prepared and confident when they walk in for the audition.

Audition Songs


Song Selection Suggestions

Here are some songs to consider for your audition: (If you are unfamiliar with these songs, we suggest you Google them or look them up on Youtube.)

My Own Little Corner: Cinderella
Home, If I Cant Love Her: Beauty and the Beast
Good Morning Baltimore, I Can Hear the Bells, It Takes Two: Hairspray
Lamest Place in the World, What It Means to Be a Friend, A Little More Homework, Tell Her: 13 the Musical
I Know Its Today, Travel Song, Morning Person, Who I'd Be: Shrek the Musical
If I were a Bell, Luck be a Lady, Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat: Guys and Dolls
How Lovely to be a Woman, An English Teacher, Honestly Sincere, One Boy, A Lot of Livin to Do, Rosie: Bye Bye Birdie
Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’, I Can’t Say No: Oklahoma
Part of Your World, Kiss the Girl, Poor Unfortunate Souls: The Little Mermaid
I Know Things Now, Giants in the Sky: Into the Woods
My New Philosophy, The Kite, Little Known Facts: You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Shy, Sensitivity: Once Upon a Mattress (Shy is really funny-take a look at that one with Carol Burnett online)
Seeds, Toad to the Rescue: A Year with Frog and Toad
Hold On: Secret Garden
Show Off: The Drowsy Chaperone
A Cockeyed Optimist: South Pacific
I Can’t Stand Still: Footloose
Notice Me Horton: Seussical
I Know the Truth: Aida

Suggestions for local coaches:


Dale Yeoman (602) 708-9539


Corinne Walker, Master's in Vocal Performance

(480) 310-7206

Kelli James (602) 430-1902


Topher Keene (207) 233-8301 

- Phoenix

Jennifer Whiting (480) 217-1116 - Mesa

Dan Kurek (602) 340-0566 - Phoenix & Cave Creek


 Verve Studio (480) 659-8957 -Scottsdale Owner, Amanda Melby, is a Member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA 


Theresa Weatherbee (636) 887-5058

Renee Kalos (480) 305-4746 

-Scottsdale & Phoenix

Ali Flannagin (330) 429-3397